Top 10 Countries with the Best Tap Water

Top 10 Countries with the Best Tap Water

There’s an ongoing global campaign for sufficient clean tap water. Most countries across the world have invented methods for efficient recycling to make tap water very portable and safe. Besides, provision of clean tap water has been made a government initiative so that everyone gets access to safe drinking water. The following is the list of some the countries with most conventional drinking water systems.


Top 10 Countries with the Best Tap WaterSwitzerland is perhaps the country with the best quality as far as tap water is concerned. Both politicians as well as citizens invested heavily in making sure that there is high quality tap water. In fact, its lakes are clean that the water can be consumed. The tap water is of high quality and far much cheaper compared to mineral water in the country.

New Zealand

New Zealand has one of the best drinking water systems. People from New Zealand might feel the pride of having one of the best countries in the world. But clean water is the other thing that pride from their country. New Zealand’s water is very safe that households drink directly from the tap.


Locals in Denmark have complete satisfaction with their tap water and regard tit very safe. Clean water is even served in restaurants, which take great pride from this. Quite distinctively, the tap water in Denmark is pumped from the earth’s surface and is filtered through sand filters before reaching the taps. Unlike other countries that rely on river and lake surface water for drinking, Denmark has vast underground water reservoirs from where large volumes of clean water are pumped from undergrounds. Underground water meets Denmark’s unique needs for water.


Greenland has an innovative system where inhabitants are provided with the best water acquired from icebergs. Tap water in Greenland is obtained from frozen rivers and lakes. Waterworks Network is utilized in providing residents with plenty of this clean water. Strict statutory duties, in fact, control monitoring and supply of water in Greenland.


Latvia is globally famous because of its clean beach. The same is transformed into the country’s drinking water system. In Latvia, wastewater management practices are installed to ensure that everyone has access to high-standard of drinking water.


Everyone who has been to Singapore probably remembers the purity of tap water there. Apart from just providing its citizens with the cleanest water, the country also boasts of the safest drinking tap water. Its water system is so pure that the government passed laws to inhibit any further drinking water filtration.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the pollution-free countries that utilize the highest levels of an advanced filtration system. Clean water in Costa Rica is mainly attributed to the fact that the country has fewer industries and factories that increase levels of water pollution. In fact, because of this fact, Costa Rica has the highest life expectancy.


Canada is the best place because of its unlimited access to drinking water. The drinking water initiative is shared between the municipal, federal governments and the citizens too. The country has the most strict drinking water requirements for both commercial and private companies.

United Kingdom

Just like its well-preserved architecture and culture, the United Kingdom guarantees high standards when it comes to its tap water system. The UK government has established The Environment Agency and Drinking Water Inspectorate that controls the characteristics of its drinking water. The country ensures that all water companies conform to the World Health Organization and EU drinking water directives.


Germany is one of the countries with the safest drinking tap water. Apart from its beauty, the German Government provides adequate sanitation. Germans never experience interrupted water supply. Most citizens are contented with the quality of drinking water.


An ongoing global campaign calls for safe, clean tap water. Many countries in the world seek to provide the most reliable water to its citizens. Among these countries are New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Costa Rica, Latvia, Greenland, and Denmark.